Demos & Chill 6 coming soon!
a transparent cutout of a hanging Noguchi lamp. stick figures demo'ing

Demos & Chill

a transparent cutout of the Noguchi Akari lamp.

Is a small event series put on by a group of friends, once-a-month-or-two-ish, where people come show off cool stuff they've made.

cute cat!

Demos from event 5

Images from event 5
Prayer App Omar Mohammad
The making of Orion Sebastiaan De With
Super wide interfaces 2 Gray Crawford
New interfaces for dynamic images over text Matthew Siu ft Melisa
Space toilets Oliver Zhang
Find your spirit tree Mathew Anthony
AI sneaker brand Yasly
cute cat!

Demos from event 4

Images from event 4
Figma computer Willy Wu
playhtml Spencer Chang
Buffo - a documentary Donald Jewkes
Tamagotchi spongey Corey
Wiggly Synth Chris (Sound Werkshop)
AI Photobooth Yasyf Mohamedali
cute cat!

Demos from event 3

Images from event 3
Light and shadow interfaces Derrek Chow
Reverse engineering chatgpt Kishan Bagaria
Silly pet game Kathy Zheng
AI quilt Michelle V
A social network for your room Elliott Etzkorn
cute cat!

Demos from event 2

Images from event 2
Playbit Rasmus Andersson
A Personal Journaling App Brendan Aronoff
Reprocessing Benjamin San Souci
Shaders & CSS Cheng Lou
Audio Book Notes Andy Matuschak
Clippy for Research Papers Sean Grove
Auto Carbon Offset Truck Kane Hsieh
cute cat!

Demos from event 1

Images from event 1
Documentary Prince Boucher
Poetry Camera Carolyn Zhang and Ryan Mather
A Farsi Typeface Omar Mohammad
Super Wide Interfaces Gray Crawford
Bill Splitting Smart Contract James Magahern
Cheating at Solitaire Charles Magahern & Friend
Midnight Animation Tips Marisa Lu