a transparent cutout of a hanging Noguchi lamp. stick figures demo'ing

Demos & Chill

a transparent cutout of the Noguchi Akari lamp.

Is a small event series put on by a group of friends, once-a-month-or-two-ish, where people come show off cool stuff they've made.

cute cat!

Demos from event 4

Images from event 4
Figma computer Willy Wu
playhtml Spencer Chang
Buffo - a documentary Donald Jewkes
Tamagotchi spongey Corey
Wiggly Synth Chris (Sound Werkshop)
AI Photobooth Yasyf Mohamedali
cute cat!

Demos from event 3

Images from event 3
Light and shadow interfaces Derrek Chow
Reverse engineering chatgpt Kishan Bagaria
Silly pet game Kathy Zheng
AI quilt Michelle V
A social network for your room Elliott Etzkorn
cute cat!

Demos from event 2

Images from event 2
Playbit Rasmus Andersson
A Personal Journaling App Brendan Aronoff
Reprocessing Benjamin San Souci
Shaders & CSS Cheng Lou
Audio Book Notes Andy Matuschak
Clippy for Research Papers Sean Grove
Auto Carbon Offset Truck Kane Hsieh
cute cat!

Demos from event 1

Images from event 1
Documentary Prince Boucher
Poetry Camera Carolyn Zhang and Ryan Mather
A Farsi Typeface Omar Mohammad
Super Wide Interfaces Gray Crawford
Bill Splitting Smart Contract James Magahern
Cheating at Solitaire Charles Magahern & Friend
Midnight Animation Tips Marisa Lu